Many come to Guatemala in hopes of meeting the people, and leave having only seen the sights.

At Aflorecer we will do more than meet each other. We will sing and dance and play. We will share meals, tell our life stories, and become friends. Above all, we will experience what it means to flourish.

Art school and retreat center

A space for relaxation, healing, cultural exchange

We are building an art school and retreat center overlooking Lake Atitlán, providing a space for relaxation, healing, cultural exchange and an overall celebration of life. Proceeds from the retreat center will pay for the operation of the school.

The school will be free to the residents of Chuitzanchaj, a remote mountain village of 150 indigenous families, and guests will be encouraged to participate, as much as they desire.

In addition to music and art, activities will include yoga, tai chi, massage, acupuncture, herbal medicine, Kaqchikel (local Mayan language), Spanish, spinning/weaving/knitting, hiking with pack goats....and the list goes on. You name it.

August 2019

Bring your skills and talents, anything from storytelling to stilt walking. Projected Grand Opening, August 2019.

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